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Company History

Every story has a beginning and that is why to understand Arteso, first we need to speak about Sunna, our former company. Sunna was created in February 2010 by Joan Pascual, a telecommunications engineer from Spain and Thomas Samuel, a French industrial engineer. They both arrived in September 2009 to Auroville, a very special place in South India, and started to design and develop a new solar streetlight for Aurore, a local NGO awarded with the Ashden award for their significant contribution to the development of the solar energy in India.

While developing the project, they got in contact with LEDs, a new and emerging technology that is changing the way we conceive lighting. Convinced by the tremendous possibilities that LED could represent for public lighting in India – a country wherein there is a gap between generation and demand of energy of more than 14% -, they decided to create Sunna Energy with one clear mission: to bring the outreach of the LED revolution to India. Sunna started its activity focused in the street lighting field and in April 2011, after Thomas moved back to Europe, and with only Joan on command, Sunna expanded its activity to architectural lighting aiming to be a global LED lighting solutions provider.

Now Arteso is born as the natural continuation of this adventure. With the same team of experienced professionals that started the architectural lighting business within Sunna, now as Arteso we want to go one step further and create a personal relationship with our clients in order to make sure that every project we create together becomes a success.

Our Philosophy

In a few words: we want to be known by doing things right and doing always the right thing. So simple to say but so difficult to accomplish. We think that our profession is an inherent part of our lives and therefore what we do in our jobs and how we do it matters. Working is part of our yoga, and therefore we try to apply our principles in everything we do.

These four pillars are the strong foundation of our venture:

  • Promotion of LED technology: because that is what makes sense for a planet with limited resources. LEDs can provide a 40 to 70% energy savings with a remarkable lifespan of 50000 hours in most of the cases. After 3 years of continuous exposure to the LED technology, we know how to recognize all the technical aspects that make one LED luminaire better than the other and this allows us to select for our clients the best LED products.
  • High quality products: we don’t believe in disposable products that don’t last long. The most sustainable lamp is that one that you don’t need to replace unless you want to do it. That is why we have signed agreements with some of the most credible brands and decided to bring to India only high quality luminaires.
  • Handmade lamps: we have added to our portfolio a good selection of handmade pieces. In the era of globalization and relocation we want to recognize the work of those artisans that keep on working in their ateliers, trying to make a piece of art with every lamp they do.
  • Personal relationship: we want to create long term relationships with our clients. We want to be close to our clients and pay attention to their needs. We take the requests from our clients very seriously and try to find always the best solutions that suit their needs.