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Project Analysis

The first step in a project is a good analysis. We need to sit together and understand what are the tasks the light is expected to fulfill. A quantitative design concept can follow the standards laid down for a specific task to a large extent. Standards recommend the illuminance level, the degree of glare limitation, the luminous color and color rendering. When it comes to qualitative planning, it is necessary to gain as much information as possible about the environment that is to be lit, how it is used and who will use it, the style of the architectureand the surroundings around the space illuminated.

Design Support

We will help you to choose the right product for every application; we have the resources and expertise to run complex illumination calculations with DiaLUX, daylighting analysis, life cycle analysis, and cost comparative studies.

Installation Supervision

We provide project management and supervision for installation of energy efficient products and systems, from schematic design through to project completion. We apply full and detailed responsibility to every project, offering the client a single interface to deal with, relieving the stress of managing multiple manufacturers and service providers. We will be present in every stage of the project to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction.