Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting program chief Jim Brodrick retires after leading LED market transformation14/12/2018
Jim Brodrick, who has led the DOE SSL program and helped accelerate the market transformation to LEDs in lighting, has retired and the industry awaits word of who will follow in the post.
LEDs Magazine shares top 5 media and social moments in 201814/12/2018

After I attempted and failed to get “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” out of my head, I decided to turn my attention to the top content and resources that we shared with you, our audience, in 2018.

Osram infrared LED tells growers when to harvest crops12/12/2018
Vineyards and grain farms can scan grapes and cereals with an infrared LED-equipped smartphone to analyze food, water, and sugar content, using spectroscopy.
STRATEGIES IN LIGHT SPOTLIGHT — Keynote marks the evolution of solid-state lighting from a designer’s stance12/12/2018
Strategies in Light keynote speaker Nancy Clanton links early SSL encounters with technology improvements that support designers’ goals for high-performance lighting which elevates the human experience.
Current adds to street light and IoT projects across Southern California10/12/2018
San Diego has added to it LED street-light portfolio and to sensor-enabled wireless controllers for a variety of public service applications, while a coalition of municipalities in the so-called Inland Empire have struck a unique financial deal to purchase street light assets from utilities and migrate to SSL.
Judging the value of industry developments for the Sapphire Awards07/12/2018

As the 2018 calendar slowly comes to a close, our team of industry experts is working hard on reviewing Sapphire Awards submissions.

STRATEGIES IN LIGHT SPOTLIGHT: Chasing rainbows — Does SPD hold the key to future LED performance?06/12/2018

Strategies in Light keynote speaker Eric Bretschneider delivers a fresh perspective on how the SSL industry might look beyond lengthy lab tests and develop confidence in predictive models that could be applied over and over, addressing a number of critical parameters.

Royal Philips ramps up its lighting business. Yes, that Philips.04/12/2018
Despite dumping LEDs and bulbs, the venerable Dutch giant doubles its capacity in modern light sources — VCSELs, that is.
LED business news: IP update on Eaton and Seoul; Forest moves to LEDvance03/12/2018
Eaton has settled a patent infringement action against other luminaire makers, while Seoul Semiconductor has expanded its IP action against retailer Fry’s; and MLS has made the move to combine Forest Lighting into its LEDvance business unit.
Buyout specialists eyeing LED technology giant Osram03/12/2018
Bain Capital is among the private equity firms that are interested in the LED and lighting technology specialist, and so are other types of companies, according to reports.
LED test and measurement focus shifts from lumens to color30/11/2018

Now that the LED and lighting industry has become accustomed to testing to lumen maintenance guidance, will new predictive models gain acceptance?

Holst and Fraunhofer claim world’s longest OLED29/11/2018
It rolled off the line at nearly 50 ft in a lower-cost production process that could now be ready for prime time.
Lumileds announces line of 2835 packaged LEDs for horticultural lighting applications28/11/2018

The Luxeon SunPlus 2835 LED portfolio includes monochromatic and phosphor-converted components that will support luminaire designs from single-channel broad-spectrum systems to multichannel tunable systems.

Strategies in Light celebrates 20th anniversary of bringing together LED and lighting industry supply chain27/11/2018

Conference co-chair Bob Steele observes how LED market forces have influenced the evolution of the Strategies in Light conference.

Prioritize photometrics in outdoor LED lighting retrofits27/11/2018

Outdoor LED lighting projects demand special considerations for visual acuity, uniformity, and environmental friendliness, and one-for-one replacement is not a given. David Etzler provides tips on photometrics for outdoor lighting design that, properly applied, will ensure customer satisfaction with the end results.

SALC moves toward a focus on LED light quality and less sky glow (MAGAZINE)27/11/2018

Connectivity and smart lighting remained a theme at the Street and Area Lighting Conference, but Maury Wright reports that outdoor light quality and protection of the dark sky were the more compelling topics at the 2018 event.

Develop connected lighting with integrated smart sensors27/11/2018

Jonathan Catchpole examines the sensing demands that will increasingly be required of SSL, and a module-based LED luminaire development approach for intelligent lighting and the IoT.

How smart lighting helped a property giant figure out expansion plans27/11/2018

Los Angeles-based CBRE was about to double the size of its Amsterdam office, until its smart lighting convinced the company otherwise. As Mark Halper discovers again, data could well become the new lighting. A few things must happen first.

Solid-state lighting controls light the way to WELL Building certification27/11/2018

Brent Protzman explains the impact of advanced lighting controls on the Light Concept area of WELL certification, which provides illumination guidelines to minimize disruption to the body’s circadian system, enhance productivity, and provide appropriate visual acuity.

LED and solid-state lighting technology and design must respect astronomical observatories27/11/2018

Exploring the potential – and literal – impact of near-Earth objects and the more serious purposes of observatories, Maury Wright considers the basis of dark-sky-friendly lighting design practices.

Packaged LED news: Samsung expands horticultural line; Luminus and Seoul announcements26/11/2018
Samsung has added full-spectrum white LEDs to its horticultural-lighting-targeted portfolio along with new blue, red, and far-red LEDs, and announced horticultural modules, while Luminus Devices touts CMH replacement and Seoul Semiconductor wins award for SunLike.
Shanghai switches on sprawling, waterfront LED lighting by Signify26/11/2018
The nearly mile-long white and colored illumination spans bridges, climbs landmark skyscrapers, and marks Signify’s largest-ever connected architectural lighting project.
Can smart lighting technology be one-size-fits-all?23/11/2018

Will there ever be a connectivity-technology takeover in smart lighting and building systems? Our latest webcast speaker, Ani Deodhar, weighs in from a network architecture vantage point.

Nearly a year-and-a-half after the standard, where’s the Bluetooth Mesh?16/11/2018
Don’t worry; it’s coming, backers of the wireless smart lighting technology reassure the LuxLive crowd.
Reader question brings hydroponics and aquaponics into the horticultural lighting mix16/11/2018

A recent question from one of our readers led us to follow up on a quick Q&A with Brandon Newkirk of smart horticultural lighting developer LumiGrow.

Electronica yields auto-centric LED demos from Osram, Everlight, Maxim, Infineon, and more16/11/2018
Biennial electronics industry event in Munich hosts LED Trends Forum and features many SSL-centric demos focused primarily on the automotive lighting application area; while Instrument Systems demos a new photometric test system.
LEDvance names Lawrence Lin as CEO to drive continued push into luminaires globally15/11/2018
Lawrence Lin, the former chairman of the LEDvance supervisory board and longtime MLS executive, has moved into the CEO role, taking over for the recently departed Jacob Tarn and becoming the third leader of the MLS-owned business inside one year.
Property managers want more use cases on circadian lighting14/11/2018
At LuxLive 2018, property specialists say they want to see more proof.
Acuity Brands forms rapid response team for IoT security breaches12/11/2018

The LED lighting specialist will dispatch the squad when an intrusion is even suspected.

Quick questions on human-centric lighting with Osram’s Lori Brock09/11/2018

Carrie Meadows chats with Lori Brock, head of innovation at Osram Americas, on human-centric lighting, the current state of research, and commercial developments that are under way.

ASABE releases horticultural lighting standards for testing LEDs and SSL modules08/11/2018

ANSI/ASABE S642 will enable LED and module manufacturers to have products tested in a standard manner, and SSL product developers to have a measured way to compare products from different manufacturers.

Osram regroups for digital pursuits as losses continue07/11/2018
The company’s high-tech transformation is picking up pace, and revenues inch forward. But there’s work to do before profits rebound. CEO Berlien recasts the business units.
GE agrees to sell SSL-focused Current to American Industrial Partners (UPDATED)06/11/2018

New York-based private equity firm American Industrial Partners or AIP will acquire Current, and together the duo will work to further Current’s push into the LED-centric smart lighting space and Internet of Things technologies.

TALQ Consortium hosts interoperability plugfest for smart city networks05/11/2018

Globally, cities are contemplating smart-city application deployment that can rely on networked LED-based outdoor lighting as a backbone, and the TALQ Consortium has demonstrated interoperability among software from multiple vendors at a Valencia, Spain plugfest.

Real estate industry takes the spotlight at LuxLive 201805/11/2018

Smart lighting will need the property industry’s backing if it is to really take off. It could be happening already, judging by next week’s annual exhibition and conference.

IoT experts address a burning question about smart building philosophy02/11/2018

Is it “smart” to give users much control of the systems in a networked commercial building? Our latest webcast speakers talk about their view on usability, functionality, and flexible lighting controls in smart buildings.

Signify builds bright facade at CWTC with Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting02/11/2018

Signify turns the 1000-ft+ China World Trade Center tower into a top-to-bottom ornamental light show.

Osram adds to IoT stable with software partnership for commercial property31/10/2018
An alliance with Rifiniti makes data-based workplace analytics available as an IoT service to Osram customers.
Future Designs reveals custom LED lighting scheme for UK Crossrail project29/10/2018

The primary lighting in new London-area Crossrail stations will rely on custom, high-output, uplight SSL fixtures that indirectly illuminate the space via reflective surfaces on walls and ceilings, creating a sense of spaciousness.

Signify cuts sales outlook — again29/10/2018

The transition to IoT lighting continues to come at a cost. There were bright spots in Signify's third-quarter results, but sales and earnings fell.

Secure your knowledge of smart buildings26/10/2018

In a couple of weeks, we’ll have a chance to gather intelligence from Arm's head of IoT solutions Aniruddha Deodhar once again on the topic of smart buildings and security.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Strategies in Light conference follows LED market drivers over 20 years25/10/2018

Over the course of 20 conferences, the Strategies in Light program has seen its share of changes. With his unique insight into the historic market research, conference co-chair Bob Steele draws patterns between the evolution of LED markets and the ways they have shaped the content of the event.

Lumileds adds 200-lm/W mid-power LEDs, enters Legrand tunable SSL partnership23/10/2018
The Luxeon 2835 HE mid-power LED family enables 2-step MacAdam ellipse developments, while Lumileds Matrix modules will be offered alongside Legrand drivers and controllers for turnkey tunable-white SSL product development.
Zumtobel brings new LED lighting excitement to German soccer stadium23/10/2018
Signify provides most of the lighting at Bayern Munich’s iconic Allianz Arena. But fan excitement strips and a sponsorship deal certify Zumtobel as the team’s best buddy.
A new Fulham module adds Bluetooth to luminaires19/10/2018
The small “bridge” can reside either inside or outside a fixture to wirelessly control dimming, color temperature, and other things in a mesh scheme.
EXTENDED DEADLINE - Why do we need programs like the Sapphire Awards?18/10/2018

We've extended our deadline to complete your Sapphire Awards entries and start on the path to professional recognition for your contributions toward advancing the solid-state lighting industry. Just what does that recognition mean in the grand scheme of the LED and lighting supply chain?

Osram is an IoT user, too, with new networked robots by Deutsche Telekom17/10/2018
Osram doesn’t just sell the IoT concept. It practices it. Wirelessly networked roaming robots will haul materials around a factory, making the most of sensors, data and the like.
Swedish lighting manufacturer Fagerhult agrees to buy Italy's iGuzzini16/10/2018
It's the latest in a series of mergers and acquisitions in the designer and architectural lighting market.
Halogen lighting wanes while LED lamps are on the rise12/10/2018

European energy-efficiency regulations are now in effect that will phase out many existing halogen lamp products, and the time is right to educate buyers and end users about the advances in LED lighting, says Simon Reed.

Indoor farming poses circuit protection challenges for LED-based horticultural lighting12/10/2018

Horticultural lighting fixtures face a daunting environmental challenge in indoor farming. Todd Phillips explains the basics of circuit protection for such product developments and regulatory testing requirements.

Spectral sensors enable LED horticultural lighting to increase crop yields for indoor farms12/10/2018

Horticultural LED products require careful design to deliver on performance needs. Markus Busz describes a closed-loop control architecture using spectral sensors to monitor and balance LED shifts, automatically adjust light output, and deliver optimal light recipes for indoor farms.

Packaged LEDs deliver significant gains in light quality, move towards chip-scale package future12/10/2018

Since our last roundup of packaged LEDs, color quality and performance has changed dramatically. While there are still many commodity low-end LEDs and glare in some products remains an issue, there are far more premium-quality LEDs on the market. At the same time, the SSL industry is moving toward enhanced mid-power packages and chip-scale package (CSP) technology for many applications and stretching quality improvements across the low-to-super-high-power sectors.

Signify gets Singapore hotel set up with IoT and central controls12/10/2018

Signify’s Interact IoT system improves heating and lighting efficiency at the five-star Swissôtel and tends to guests’ comfort — all while gathering data and keeping an eye on people via occupancy sensors. And as Mark Halper discovers, there is not a single Signify LED lamp or luminaire in sight. Once again, data is the new lighting.

The next wave in outdoor lighting is built on smart cities12/10/2018

With cost reductions and performance improvements already in play, outdoor lighting providers must now add value to networked lighting to enhance municipal safety and achieve sustainability goals, writes Martin Wittmann.

Recognize excellence and light quality in LED development and SSL system design12/10/2018

There is far too much disregard for the brilliant material science, manufacturing techniques, package technologies, and more that so many engineers — or what we often call illumineers — spend their long days bringing to fruition.

Lux webcast will address details and use cases of the DiiA's DALI-2 standard in smart solid-state lighting systems11/10/2018
The Digital Illumination Interface Alliance is hoping to ease the connectivity roadblock to broader smart SSL deployment with its newest version of the DALI-2 standard, and our colleagues at Lux will host a webcast on Oct. 18 that examines the new standard, support of control devices, certification of products, and more.
Important message from our editor on the Sapphire Awards09/10/2018

Chief editor Maury Wright summarizes the requirements for completing your Sapphire Awards entries by the October 19 deadline.

Osram LED module dynamically changes the color of car interiors09/10/2018
Jealous of your friend’s orange-hued dashboard, when you have only the standard blue? There’s hope.
Osram Opto joins the ISELED Alliance expanding the ecosystem for in-cabin auto lighting08/10/2018
The ISELED has defined RGB LED modules with an integrated controller that can deliver new SSL capabilities in an automotive cabin, including dynamic cabin lighting, roof lighting, and more, and Osram Opto Semiconductors has joined the alliance.
Invest an hour to expand your LED and lighting knowledge base exponentially05/10/2018

We hope you find educational value during the hour that you spend on attending a live LEDs Magazine webcast or fitting it in on demand as your schedule allows. Check out some of our upcoming webcasts on today's blog.

Osram launches building management tools, free of lights05/10/2018
The world’s second-largest lighting company takes another step in its high-tech transformation, and is starting to look a bit like an engineering firm — not far off its Siemens roots!
LED and smart lighting leader Acuity Brands sells Spanish lighting company Carandini04/10/2018
The LED and IoT lighting specialist quietly unloads the brand as it tries to keep its financial house in order during a $1B quarter. At least one other name has also vanished from the stable.
IoT theme pervades SALC, Eaton debuts a new LED street-light camera01/10/2018
The IES Street & Area Lighting Conference kicked off Monday in Orlando, FL, with a decided emphasis on connected lighting, the Internet of Things, and smart city movements.
The progress of outdoor LED lighting has been slow but controlled28/09/2018
The recurring theme of lighting controls is sure to carry the conversation at the upcoming Street and Area Lighting Conference (SALC). But has that topic of discussion progressed? Carrie Meadows looks back to offer a view on how far LED lighting stakeholders have come.
Horticultural lighting news: LEDs spur lily growth in Holland, lettuce in Maryland27/09/2018
South Mountain MicroFarm has seen a 60% increase in lettuce yield using LED lighting in an aquaponic greenhouse application, while Dutch lily grower Together2Grow is using LEDs to supplement HPS lighting and boost yield.
Nestlé samples Zumtobel’s smart lighting at its HQ27/09/2018
The Swiss food giant tries an appetizer connecting floor lamps to heating and other systems. Will it move on to the next course?
Packaged LED news: Cree high-CRI COBs, Lumileds packages CSP with dome26/09/2018
New eTone options across Cree’s COB LED offerings deliver 90 CRI with no efficacy penalty, while Lumileds is harnessing the performance gains in its CSP technology to deliver new high-power packaged LEDs.
Smart lighting specialist Gooee gains IoT data privacy certification from independent test firm TÜV Rheinland25/09/2018
Germany’s TÜV Rheinland approves the smart lighting specialist for cloud services, reviewing it for products.
Gas Monkey Garage transitions show-car facility to Dialight LED lighting24/09/2018
The Dallas automobile garage made famous in the Discovery Channel Fast N’ Loud TV series now features an SSL installation from Dialight to highlight the show cars turned out by Richard Rawlings and his crew.
Visa Lighting plans to defend its use of Vital Vio continuous-disinfection LED technology against IP suit brought by Kenall Manufacturing24/09/2018
The Vital Vio-based continuous disinfection technology licensed by Visa Lighting is said by the parties to not infringe on IP originating with the University of Strathclyde and licensed in the US by Kenall Manufacturing.
Five things to know about the Sapphire Awards21/09/2018
As quality of light and application-specific features reach new levels, the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards program team expects its best year so far. Here are five tips to optimize your submissions.
Luminus Devices announces new COB LED targeting horticultural lighting designs for legal cannabis20/09/2018

COB LED arrays will enable horticultural SSL form factors similar to HPS fixtures used broadly in indoor cannabis farms, and the LEDs will enable spectral options.

Atlanta moves ahead slowly with GE's Current in smart city project20/09/2018

GE’s Current is now collecting data from street lights, but the project remains in a pilot stage.

Osram doubles down on lasers, this time for facial recognition and medical imaging18/09/2018

The company continues to move beyond LEDs for general lighting and expands its laser-light-source offerings.

LED business news: Kenall vs. Vital Vio, Lunera falters, and Seoul vs. Everlight17/09/2018

Kenall Manufacturing files suit against Visa Lighting, targeting continuous disinfection products enabled by Vital Vio technology; a Chinese manufacturer alleges Lunera Lighting has defaulted on payments; and Seoul Semiconductor claims former employees illegally took trade secrets to Everlight Electronics.

Science on solid-state lighting and health can’t be developed in a vacuum14/09/2018

The scientific community continues to build upon research into the impact of various wavelengths of light on the human visual and non-visual systems, but that doesn’t mean the solid-state lighting (SSL) industry is ill-equipped to implement the findings.

In a back-to-the-future move, GE’s Current offers fluorescent tubes, bulbs, LEDs13/09/2018

It was a bit startling to see Current – the once overarching energy services company – announce price increases on LED luminaires and “traditional lighting products.” It felt like GE Lighting all over again.

Jacob Tarn leaves LEDvance for personal reasons after joining as CEO in January13/09/2018

Long-time LED and solid-state lighting industry executive Jacob Tarn had very publicly and proactively lauded the advancements made by LEDvance as a global and full-line lighting manufacturer, and now the company will seek a new CEO.

Digital micromirror devices enable dynamic stage lighting12/09/2018

Based on LED or legacy sources, a DLP-based light-projection system offers many advantages over mechanical system such as GOBOs, and Brandon Seiser and Zhongyan Sheng discuss all the functional elements that comprise such a system.

Lighting-as-a-service (LaaS) keeps financing off the books, even in 201912/09/2018

The light-as-a-service (LaaS) “cash flow” advantage should grow more pronounced versus leasing as new FASB and IFRS rules kick in, Mark Halper discovers. Further down the road, its face will change to reflect the IoT, data, and human-centric lighting.

Capitalize on the intersection of commercial lighting and IoT (MAGAZINE)12/09/2018

As the IoT establishes itself as the next adaptation in hardware and software applications, Chuck Piccirillo outlines how enabling technology and lighting providers must shift to a new conceptual and development model to ensure their businesses will thrive in the connected spaces market.

Researchers present circadian metrics and health impact of LED light at human-centric lighting conference12/09/2018

The second LEDs Magazine Lighting for Health and Wellbeing conference included a stellar roster of researchers and human-centric lighting experts, writes Maury Wright, and some of the more interesting talks focused on characterizing lighting for health and the direct positive and negative impacts of artificial light on health.

DesignLights Consortium lights the way to a cleaner, healthier, smarter future12/09/2018

LEDs have delivered amazing energy savings, but Christina Halfpenny explains the DesignLights Consortium view that even bigger solid-state lighting (SSL)-centric savings will come with greater penetration, the exploration of new applications, and the move to networked lighting controls.

Hubbell develops novel LED optics to eliminate blue spectra in industrial LED luminaires12/09/2018

Jeff McClow and Maury Wright discuss the special spectra requirements of some manufacturing applications that are sensitive to blue-rich light, and the innovative approach Hubbell took in developing the Sapphire Award-winning SpectraLoc LED-based luminaire.

One-day, immersive solid-state lighting conferences dig deep into LED opportunity12/09/2018

Emerging solid-state lighting business opportunities become more apparent as speakers dig into the science behind advanced applications at our one-day conferences, writes Maury Wright.

Osram’s latest infrared LED identifies what’s in your food (UPDATED)11/09/2018

If you’re a king, your smartphone can now replace your taster. The rest of us can use it for allergens, cholesterol, calories, or other dietary detections.

LEDs business news: Signify, SETi, Seoul Semiconductor, and Nichia vs. Everlight in intellectual property updates10/09/2018

Seoul Semiconductor has filed a patent infringement suit against big-box retailer Fry’s Electronics, while Signify continues to repurchase shares, Nichia wins a round with Everlight, and Sensor Electronic Technology Inc files against companies selling UV sterilizers.

Zumtobel guarantees lux levels in service contract at Swiss helicopter hangar07/09/2018

The end user pays a monthly fee and owns the lights at the end of the three-year LaaS deal, with an option to start another contract with new luminaires.

Research continues to stamp mile markers on the lighting roadmap07/09/2018

The technology development roadmap cannot be a straight line and allow the LED and SSL industry to achieve success and sustainability. The most interesting and lucrative journey is one paved with innovation that turns to commercialization.


IES releases Ready Reference App on lighting practices for free download07/09/2018

Smartphone app for Android or Apple devices delivers simple access to core lighting-industry data that designers/specifiers and others working in the LED and SSL sectors would find useful on a day-to-day basis.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Halogen lighting heads into the sunset while LEDs are on the rise03/09/2018

European energy-efficiency regulations are about to go into effect that will phase out many existing halogen lamp products, and the time is right to educate the consumer and commercial buying public about the advances in performance and improvements in LED lighting quality, says Simon Reed.

TALQ publishes guidance on interoperable smart-city LED lighting networks03/09/2018

The Smart City Protocol whitepaper describes the basics of how municipalities can adopt a standardized abstraction layer above proprietary SSL-based network protocols enabling smart-city applications to operate across products and systems from multiple vendors.

SSL industry should forget the protocols for smart home success01/09/2018
It’s time for the lighting industry to focus on customers, not the technology, when it comes to smart homes, says LEDvance’s Aaron Ganick.
Bluetooth Mesh paves the way to IoT smart lighting01/09/2018
As building owners and operators consider lighting control networks, the SSL industry has built support around the open Bluetooth Mesh standard. Russ Sharer outlines how interoperability and other features are driving the momentum for mesh-based IoT lighting.
Lighting specialists to show how LED technology benefits a growing business31/08/2018

In just 39 days, the Horticultural Lighting Conference will kick off a full day of knowledge that helps to educate growers on the business value of LED-based horticultural lighting, and allows SSL developers to refine their designs.

Signify expands Hue SSL ecosystem with new luminaire and control partners30/08/2018

The wireless controlled Hue LED-based technology has proven popular with consumers and more third parties than ever are participating in the ecosystem that Signify is building around the dynamic and wireless-enabled SSL platform.

Acclaim Lighting bathes iconic Radio Flyer facility with colorful LED beams30/08/2018

Kids throughout North America have long cherished red Radio Flyer wagons, and the company’s headquarters now sports an LED-lit glass façade that can shine brightly adjacent to a giant replica wagon through the day and night.

Michigan State Controlled Environment Lighting Laboratory explores LEDs for horticulture29/08/2018

Osram Innovations and Osram Opto Semiconductors partnered to deliver a seven-channel SSL system to the horticultural department at Michigan State University to explore light recipes and sculpting of crop look and taste.

Fagerhult sets start date for new CEO, as Brexit strikes an otherwise decent quarter24/08/2018

Bodil Sonesson will bring her IoT savvy to Swedish lighting company Fagerhult starting Oct. 8.

The packaged LED space builds on high-value application demands24/08/2018

It certainly has been demonstrated that packaged LED development has shifted over the past 10 years beyond delivering light output that can serve in general illumination applications. Recent product development activity supports this claim.

Signify still sells lights! Unveils some 20 new Hue models23/08/2018

Many of Signify’s new Hue LED luminaires will connect to the Internet, so there’s still a data play. But it’s a reminder that the lighting industry is still tending to illumination, even as reaches for the IoT brass ring.

Packaged LED news: Cree toughens XP-G3, LG Innotek targets continuous disinfection22/08/2018

A news S-Series addition to the Cree XP-G3 packaged LED portfolio better suits harsh outdoor environments and repeated switching cycles associated with the IoT, while LG Innotek has launched a violet LED targeting visible-light continuous disinfection.

Zumtobel cites ‘gross negligence’ as reason for firing CEO20/08/2018

Former boss Ulrich Schumacher is alleging unfair dismissal in two legal actions against his former employer, Zumtobel. The gloves are off.

Horticultural lighting speakers add new depth to a growing SSL market17/08/2018

On the blog, we're shouting out the latest speakers who will be providing up-to-date insights on business, technology, and operational considerations at October's Horticultural Lighting Conference.

Fluence publishes cannabis horticultural lighting research, names new COO17/08/2018

LED lighting is shown to increase yield and secondary metabolites in a Fluence Bioengineering installation at Eve Farms’ cannabis vertical farm, and the company has named David Cohen COO.

LED business news: Lumileds wins IP theft suit, Cree announces Q4 and accuses employee15/08/2018

In the latest round of LED business news, Lumileds has been awarded more than $60 million in a California court; while Cree has an investigation into IP theft underway, and reported a 14% uptick in revenue in its fourth-quarter financial statements.

Seoul Viosys brings CSP manufacturing technology to the UV-LED sector13/08/2018

Chip-scale packaging can potentially reduce the manufacturing cost and improve the performance of ultraviolet LEDs, and Seoul Viosys says it has tested the technology in purification and sterilization applications.

Mandalay Bay Convention Center taps wireless lighting controls across 1 million sq. ft (UPDATED)13/08/2018

The GE Current deployment will nearly eliminate the need for supplemental lighting at exhibitions across the six halls. IoT data may or may not follow.

Next webcast promises a full spectrum of education on human-centric lighting10/08/2018

We are looking forward to hosting an upcoming webcast on Sept. 11 with Octavio Perez, PhD, of Mount Sinai Hospital and consultant with Lledó Lighting, who has a long history of research into human-centric lighting, or what he terms “affective lighting.”

Data is the new lighting, Part II10/08/2018

For industry traditionalists, Osram’s new homepage might look curiouser and curiouser. But many believe this isn’t Wonderland. It’s the future.

Circadian lighting has Danish night nurses sleeping better08/08/2018

Shift workers reported positive effects from working under amber lights, but not everyone agreed. Lighting for health and wellbeing continues to evolve.

LED business news: Seoul sales rise, Signify repurchases shares and donates solar06/08/2018

Seoul Semiconductor reports Q2 sales of 290 billion Korean Won and projects growth while Signify is rapidly repurchasing shares following its recent quarterly announcement and the company continues its humanitarian work.

Tridonic files suit against distributor, announces new flexible LED light engines06/08/2018

Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH is the target of a Tridonic IP suit over the distribution of smartphones with patent-infringing LEDs; meanwhile Tridonic also just released new flexible LED light engines.

Five lighting examples that prioritize and help preserve wildlife03/08/2018

Following are five notable examples of LED lighting designs and projects that made wildlife a priority, attempting to improve their living conditions in a civil-engineered environment or at the very least bring less disruption to these animal inhabitants.

Osram third-quarter profits tumble, but sales keep pace (UPDATED)02/08/2018

CEO Berlien says Osram is “accelerating” its cost-cutting as it eyes long-term growth in high-tech and a shift in strategic development.

DLC issues second draft of new horticultural lighting testing requirements02/08/2018

Interested parties can comment on the second draft of the DLC’s horticultural lighting testing and reporting requirements documents that will ultimately lead to a QPL.

Osram plans to exit luminaires business, focus on high-growth technology (UPDATED)31/07/2018

One of the so-called “Big 3” players in the legacy lighting business will no longer sell end products after Osram finds a buyer for its Lighting Solutions luminaires business unit.

Canary Islands installs street lights that protect night skies31/07/2018

Signify’s low-blue recipe and downward optics should help keep northern Tenerife safe for stargazing.

Osram integrates emergency lighting support and smart SSL features (MAGAZINE)30/07/2018

Shashank Nalla discusses the design philosophy and architecture of LED drivers from Osram Digital Systems with Maury Wright in an interview — specifically, the smart capabilities of the Sapphire Award-winning Optotronic Programmable LED Emergency Driver.

Polyurethane encapsulants offer enhanced protection for LEDs in challenging environments (MAGAZINE)30/07/2018

LEDs are being broadly adopted in lighting in part due to the promise of long life, but as Alistair Little explains, SSL product developers must take steps to protect the LEDs and other system components to deliver on the promise.

Commissioning connected lighting networks: Theory and practice, challenges and opportunities (MAGAZINE)30/07/2018

Simon Slupik and Simon Rzadkosz describe the onerous challenge of commissioning wireless smart lighting networks and how provisions in the Bluetooth Mesh standard can simplify the process.

Holland’s newest red-light district is a big boost for bats (MAGAZINE)30/07/2018

Specially-tuned residential street lights from Signify will help certain species overcome their aversion to light. But will humans be able to see in this spectrum? Mark Halper reports.

LEDs deliver quality, efficient lighting in hazardous environments (MAGAZINE)30/07/2018

Thanks to the versatility of a new generation of LED luminaires, says Appleton Lighting’s Ellen Helm, no industrial area need suffer from poor light levels and uneven uniformity.

The time is now for the IoT to advance lighting for wellbeing (MAGAZINE)30/07/2018

LRC director Mariana Figueiro lays out the smart play for progress in human-centric lighting, or lighting for health and wellbeing, which is to integrate intelligent data-collection functionality with lighting to enable customized circadian lighting.

SSL sector shows maturity at LFI, building blocks simplify path to success (MAGAZINE)30/07/2018

Smart lighting and the IoT remain the big headliners at all lighting industry events, but Maury Wright explains that under the surface at LightFair International, it was the maturing enabling technology infrastructure that will hasten time-to-market for high-quality lighting and support for connectivity at the luminaire or SSL system level.

What has IoT value - the pole or the light? (MAGAZINE)30/07/2018

Maury Wright deliberates on whether the lighting industry is fully aware of the need to deliver smart city applications and embrace IoT beyond the role of luminaire provider.

Business with an IoT and application slant tops our trending stories27/07/2018

The common thread amongst the Top 4 articles this month brings a focus to LED and lighting business and strategy with a decided slant toward applications that leverage controllability in home, commercial, and industrial lighting.

Signify: Sales will not grow this year27/07/2018

CEO Eric Rondolat reverses his outlook from three months ago, while Signify’s second-quarter results fall. There are bright spots, though, as lighting’s transition fights on.

DOE lab tests high-efficacy LED luminaires in a low- or high-bay-type setting (UPDATED)26/07/2018

Commercially-available luminaires sold with efficacy claims in the 200-lm/W range deliver mixed results in US Department of Energy testing at PNNL, with glare being a recurring issue and most products falling short of efficacy specifications.

GE Current partners with Nokia to provide ... IT25/07/2018

Look ma, no lights: Current is supplying sensors and data analytics to help the telecommunication company win smart city jobs in Canada. Not a luminaire in sight in the announcement.

Lighting’s newest IoT startup aims to open sales channels24/07/2018

Smart lighting is struggling to lift off in a big way. It needs a boost in corporate access and partnerships. Ingy wants to provide just that.

Nitride files UV-LED patent suit against RayVio and Digi-Key in Japan court23/07/2018

Following prior suits in the US, Nitride Semiconductors is suing RayVio and its distributor Digi-Key in the Tokyo District Court for infringing a Japanese patent covering manufacturing UV LEDs.

DLC plants support behind horticultural lighting energy-efficiency efforts (UPDATED)20/07/2018

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with DLC technical manager Damon Bosetti and executive director Christina Halfpenny about the organization’s progress toward finalizing technical requirements that will put LED-based horticultural lighting fixtures on the Qualified Products List (QPL).

Feilo Sylvania IoT boss leaves for smart building startup20/07/2018

Bastiaan de Groot, who has spearheaded many smart lighting initiatives, is now CEO at Amsterdam-based Ingy.

Osram's latest infrared LED targets security cameras19/07/2018

The infrared chip's narrow beam eliminates the need for secondary optics, the company says, as it continues to drive LEDs beyond general illumination.

WELL forms Light Concept Advisory to guide lighting for human wellbeing work16/07/2018

Experts that cross top research universities, lighting design firms, and SSL manufacturers are part of the new Light Concept Advisory that will help mold the lighting elements in the second version of the WELL Building standard.

Seoul SunLike LEDs shown to ease eye strain and improve sleep patterns16/07/2018

The Biomedical Information Laboratory at the Seoul National University College of Medicine in Korea has conducted research on adults using desk lamps based on Seoul Semiconductor SunLike LEDs and found that the LEDs resulted in decreased eye discomfort and better sleep patterns.

OECD: Many LED lamps sold online violate environmental regulations13/07/2018

More than 20% of LED lamps fall afoul in the UK, according to one group, which notes that the country’s Amazon website is heavily stocked with non-compliant bulbs.

Start with these principles for secure, reliable smart lighting system design13/07/2018

In a recent webcast, IoT development expert Aniruddha Deodhar directly addresses concerns about smart lighting security and offers guiding principles to ensure system integrity, discussing the complexities of connectivity, interoperability of devices and software, and end-to-end security.


BMW hopes for smaller Li-Fi gear on factory floor10/07/2018

Meanwhile, more details emerge on why the automaker used infrared rather than visible light in its trial: It’s faster.

LED business news: Hansen returns to Osram, Echelon acquisition, and more09/07/2018

Jes Munk Hansen takes over as CEO of Osram US and head of global Osram sales, while an automotive OEM joins Osram in an automotive lighting joint venture, and Adesto acquires smart-SSL specialists Echelon.

Five ways industrial LED lighting reduces workplace accidents06/07/2018

Guest blogger Luis Ramirez of Dialight details the impact of upgrading to modern, industrial-grade LED lighting in improving plant safety.

LEDvance rolls out voice-controlled filament bulbs in Europe06/07/2018

Following a launch of the Apple Siri-compatible line under the Sylvania brand in the US, the German smart lighting company offers it under the Osram name elsewhere. Some people must be buying it.

Lighting vendors should target IT departments more than facilities managers05/07/2018

Info techies are more influential decision makers in today’s IoT-oriented, smart lighting, smart building environment, according to a survey by GE’s Current group.

Siemens re-enters the lighting business, via the IoT29/06/2018

Its tagline could be: No bulbs, please, we’re modern, so this is all about data collection, smart controls, and acquisitions of companies like Enlighted.

Sapphire expectations rise with solid-state lighting advances29/06/2018

With each year that we dive in to the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards program, we see the path of solid-state lighting (SSL) technology change and determine the new directions in which the industry will move.

GE strips Current of broad energy duties27/06/2018

In a slow fizzle, no more solar panels, EV charging, or energy storage. But still plenty of smart stuff in a back-to-the-future return to a lighting-centric business. It remains for sale.

LED business news: Once acquires iLOX, Nichia settles with Lowe’s, and Zemax acquired26/06/2018

Once has acquired iLOX of Germany to form a larger global company focused on lighting for livestock, while Nichia settled its groundbreaking IP action against retailed Lowe’s, and Zemax has been sold in a private-equity deal.

Future Designs details Light Work Sleep tunable SSL experiment results26/06/2018

Sleep researcher Dr. Neil Stanley led a 24-hour experiment into the impact of different CCT environments on sleep, alertness, and moods at the Future Designs Technology Hub with surprising results.

BMW factory floor Li-Fi uses infrared LEDs instead of visible light22/06/2018

A three-year demo wraps up, and, after some lessons learned, scores a respectable 6 on a scale of 9. Still not ready for primetime, though.

Blending health science and LED knowledge will propel innovation in solid-state lighting22/06/2018

We’re looking forward to engaging with attendees and presenters at the Lighting for Health and Wellbeing Conference, where noted experts in the fields of human health and lighting technology combine their knowledge to deliver a program packed with the latest information on human-centric lighting that preserves and enhances wellbeing across a number of modalities.

Osram and Paradox install smart outdoor SSL in St. Gallen, Switzerland20/06/2018

Mesh wireless network enables control of LED street lights for programmatic changes in light levels, while optical sensors enable autonomous dimming for maximum energy savings.

Portland installs traffic sensors on street lights covering three busy city thoroughfares19/06/2018

Current, powered by GE; Intel; and AT&T have teamed with the Portland Bureau of Transportation and utility Portland General Electric to install wirelessly-connected sensors on busy streets to monitor vehicular and pedestrian traffic with the aim of increasing safety.

Top Gooee engineer joins powerline company enModus (UPDATED)18/06/2018

It’s a reminder that conventional electricity cables can do some of the same IoT jobs as wireless. Could it also be a harbinger of wireless plans at enModus?

LEDs provide museum masters with modern lighting alongside traditional aesthetics15/06/2018

Museum lighting is one of those tricky applications that goes beyond the utilitarian aspects of general illumination. Two experts in the museum lighting field discussed the technical and aesthetic needs in a recent webcast.

Le Mans drivers to sample LED eyewear for alertness13/06/2018

Specially-tuned Osram glasses will deliver stimulating blue light to the BMW M team at the famous 24-hour endurance race this weekend, where blue-hued luminaires will also line the pit control room.

Horticultural SSL news: Current, Signify, Plessey, and LumiGrow projects (UPDATED)12/06/2018

The scale of LED-based horticultural lighting projects continues to expand as growers find success in boosting yield and extending the growing cycle with crops ranging from leafy greens to tomatoes and cucumbers.

Lighting for health and wellbeing news: Vital Vio, LRC, and more11/06/2018

Vital Vio expands its reach with continuous disinfection technology into Europe, while the Lighting Research Center has presented some research data on the impact of tailored lighting on Alzheimer’s patients, and both organizations will present at the Lighting for Health and Wellbeing Conference.

Retail chain Claire’s slashes energy bill by controlling smart lights over standard cable08/06/2018

The latest powerline-communication-based lighting deployment by enModus looks like a small one but shows that wireless is not the only way to avoid expensive retrofit costs.

Tonight the door closes on a significant SSL speaker opportunity08/06/2018

The call for an opportunity to present at Strategies in Light 2019 is nearly closed. Will you be a part of formulating a solid strategy for the next phase of LED and lighting business growth and technology evolution?

Fagerhult taps new CEO with strong IoT credentials06/06/2018

Bodil Sonesson is steeped in connected security cameras and data analytics for video surveillance stalwart Axis, and is well clued in on sensors. She joins later this year.

Salesforce Tower skyscraper crowned with six-floor LED art project in San Francisco05/06/2018

Artist Jim Campbell designed the “Day for Night” façade lighting project to provide a visual diary of the city of San Francisco that’s visible from as far as 20 miles away in all directions.

NASA utilizes Osram LED horticultural lighting to tune recipes for plants in space04/06/2018

Phosphor-converted white, monochromatic color, and ultraviolet LEDs are combined in a horticultural SSL fixture that one day will enable astronauts to more efficiently harvest fresh produce.

Signify releases Hue Sync, hoping to launch the era of immersive home entertainment lighting04/06/2018

Living room lighting that responds to video and audio could be bigger than surround sound, says Signify. Is this a novelty, a must-have, or something in between?

Four things to know about smart lighting systems01/06/2018

As lighting industry expert Al Marble noted during a recent webcast, understanding the components and functions of connected lighting can “help bring order to the chaos.” Here’s what you need to know to get on a steady course with smart lighting.

LED business news: Siemens and Enlighted, GE and Current, and Signify31/05/2018

Siemens has acquired SSL IoT specialist Enlighted in a smart building play, while GE moves to sell multiple lighting-related operations; and Signify continues to grow its SSL licensing program.

Flexible LED material rivals OLEDs inside Kone elevator31/05/2018
In an EU-funded partnership with Signify and others, the Finnish engineering company is also turning the walls into interactive displays in an IoT scheme. It won’t stop at just elevators, either.
Apple’s next iPhones might all use OLED screens29/05/2018
We’ve heard this sort of thing before, but it hasn’t happened. This time, the financial markets are convinced. At least for now.
Luminus Devices enters UV-C LED market, targets sterilization applications29/05/2018

Compact ultraviolet LEDs will enable new approaches to sterilization and disinfection applications, and the potential of that market has led Luminus Devices to add shorter-wavelength UV-C devices to its portfolio.

Lighting and controls put WELL Building standard concepts to work29/05/2018

Lutron's Eric Lind sheds light on the ways in which lighting designers and specifiers can leverage solid-state lighting and controls to achieve WELL Building objectives.

Reconsider UV-C LED lifetime for disinfection based on development decisions (MAGAZINE)29/05/2018
Eoin Connolly explains how application usage scenarios impact the specification and design of sterilization and disinfection products leveraging UV-C LED technology, and that common measures of LED lifetime can be misleading.
Multi-channel SSL system enhances health and wellbeing in residential retrofit - Part 2 (MAGAZINE)(UPDATED)29/05/2018

Tunable lighting and programmatic controls can deliver a natural-light experience in a residential setting for human-centric lighting that enhances wellbeing. In Part 2 of a series Maury Wright describes the experience of the homeowner in a major lighting for health and wellbeing project.

Create a clear patent strategy for collaborative success (MAGAZINE)29/05/2018
Patent law expert Marshall Honeyman advises a proactive approach to establishing solid-state lighting technology inventorship that can help collaborators avoid costly and damaging disputes.
Lighting as a service poised to deliver the circular economy29/05/2018
If vendors retain luminaire ownership in lighting-as-a-service agreements, they will have the incentive to look after longevity. Modular, replaceable components will also help. But will the industry move to a circular economy model fast enough for EU regulations? Mark Halper reports.
Light+Building reveals changing strategies among LED and solid-state lighting manufacturers29/05/2018
Hiking around the massive Frankfurt Fair for most of a week, Maury Wright found the IoT and light quality trends expected at Light+Building, but also notes there were strategy changes apparent in the exhibits and solid-state lighting innovation in enabling components to luminaires. Here we will cover the top ten themes and demonstrations.
2018 Sapphire Awards Illumineer Tanuj Mohan discusses the evolution of sensor-enabled SSL and the Building IoT29/05/2018

Maury Wright interviews Tanuj Mohan of Enlighted after Mohan was named the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards Illumineer of the Year for his work on using sensors to understand a building’s environment and the actions of occupants.

Human-centric lighting for health science continues slow advance, warrants more trials29/05/2018

Despite somewhat mixed messages in the solid-state lighting industry, Maury Wright remains convinced that we need to move ahead with human-centric lighting trials designed to improve health and wellbeing.

Zumtobel and Austrian energy utility gear up their lighting-as-a-service alliance23/05/2018
Sure, the lighting industry is pursuing IT mates for IoT purposes, but this partnership with VKW serves as a reminder that LED lighting continues to also be about energy savings. And illumination, too.
Lighting Facts gets a reprieve but will become paid service23/05/2018
The DOE’s Lighting Facts program, which was launched to hold manufacturers accountable for LED lighting performance claims, has been reinstated before its official end, with assistance from a partner that will begin to charge a fee for listing.
DOE issues final report on Gateway outdoor LED lighting in high-temperature environment (UPDATED)22/05/2018

The Yuma border fence SSL trial in the Arizona desert will be a story that ends without a comprehensive conclusion, although LED-based lighting did prove superior to legacy sources in the high-temperature harsh environment.

Osram invests in horticultural startup22/05/2018

Munich takes a small stake in a Montreal company specializing in predicting indoor yields for crops such as tomatoes and cannabis. Lighting's role in the IoT continues to take root, in hopes that shoots will follow.

Packaged LED news: Cree, Samsung, Luminus, Everlight, Citizen, Seoul, and more (UPDATED)18/05/2018

Announcements at and around LightFair included new COB LEDs from Cree, new horticultural LEDs from several manufacturers, and notification that the Energy Star ban of the Citizen test lab for LM-80 data had been rescinded.

Survey shows ‘watt’s’ up with consumers of LED lamps18/05/2018

Consumers are ramping up their solid-state lighting (SSL) savvy, but still show gaps in understanding LED lighting performance, according to the latest survey results released by LEDvance. More education is needed to clarify LED lamp characteristics for the average home user.

LED lamp waste: There's good news and bad16/05/2018
After nearly a decade of mainstream use, LED lamps are still only a fraction of the discards in Europe, so they appear to live up to longevity claims. Recycling them could be a different matter.
LRC comments on the recent DOE horticultural lighting report16/05/2018

The LRC’s Mark Rea explains why a thorough understanding of metrics and test methodologies is necessary in order to make fair comparisons of the performance and energy savings potential regarding horticultural lighting luminaire types.