Diamonds are forever, but Sapphire Awards distinguish SSL advances21/07/2017

With the early bird deadline for the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards just around the corner, I have been reflecting on the maxim, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Shopping mall chain invests in powerline communications for IoT lighting21/07/2017

Britain's intu joins £3 million Series A round in enModus, starts small pilots.

UV LEDs sanitize escalator and powered walkway handrails19/07/2017

Airports, convention centers, malls, and other public gathering spots rely on people-moving systems, but users often fear germs on the handrails touched by thousands. Ultraviolet LEDs may solve the sterilization issue.

Bluetooth's range just widened, and IoT lighting companies are thrilled (UPDATED)18/07/2017

Some vendors think the brand new “Bluetooth mesh” standard will kick off a commercial smart lighting bonanza.

Blue LED light can get psoriasis sufferers in the pink again14/07/2017

While in-office healthcare practitioners have been leveraging lasers for some time in the aesthetics and dermatology business, we’ve seen more and more consumer-targeted, LED-based personal care devices hit the market, intended to bring solutions safely into the home.

Recycling boss cites ‘alarming’ environmental breaches by LED bulb vendors14/07/2017

One of five bulbs sold online in the UK doesn't comply, he says.

Bluetooth group appoints Philips to board, a precursor to extending the technology's range for IoT and smart lighting12/07/2017

Google joins too, as a long awaited “mesh” topology could soon buoy IoT lighting.

Berkeley Lab tests smart LED lighting in New York living laboratory10/07/2017

The combination of autonomous SSL and shading in a New York high rise office space has yielded 80% energy savings in some cases while also pleasing workers.

BMW considers smart lighting for showrooms10/07/2017

The German carmaker is sampling IoT luminaires from Aurora that might accentuate the right model for the right shopper, suggest new floor layouts, and more.

Summer reading spawns thoughts on the science of human-centric lighting07/07/2017

I started to ponder again the topic of lighting that is said to benefit health, productivity, and general wellbeing. We’ve been watching, covering, and learning from those advancing this field for several years now.

National Academy of Sciences reports on the state of LED and OLED lighting06/07/2017

Report to US Congress was mandated by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and lauds the transition to solid-state lighting for slashing energy used for lighting and credits the US Department of Energy in part for the success.

Acuity welcomes competitors into its broad Atrius IoT and smart lighting program06/07/2017

In an interview with LEDs Magazine, Acuity VP Greg Carter discusses the wide-ranging uses for Internet-connected lighting, and the myriad technologies that will enable lights to track assets, provide navigation, and such. It's a wide playing field.

Wimbledon Centre Court aces transition to LED lighting05/07/2017

Musco, working with ME Engineers, has installed LED lighting in the retractable roof that covers Wimbledon Centre Court at the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

LEDvance expands Apple voice-controlled smart bulb and LED strip into Europe05/07/2017

Look, Ma, no gateway. At least not for the basic functions.

Packaged LED technology climbs new peaks30/06/2017

We’ve noticed a lot of recent activity in the packaged LED space, as evidenced by our news coverage. So the LED market is indeed moving, innovating, and continuing to pace itself into a comfortable spot compared to the down market the Strategies Unlimited analysts accounted for in their 2015 recap.

Feilo Sylvania widens its smart lighting net with a broad systems integration scheme28/06/2017

Its new SylSmart initiative mixes and matches IT partners and products with Feilo luminaires.

Packaged LED news: Osram targets camera flashes, Lumileds ramps COB output28/06/2017

The Osram Oslux S2.1 multi-chip packaged LED mixes color temperature to match ambient lighting and optimize photos and video, while new Lumileds COB LEDs extend flux output to 30,000 lm for street-light and high-bay lighting.

Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba Materials introduce broad-spectrum packaged LED technology26/06/2017

The SunLike packaged LEDs due this summer approximate the spectral power distribution of the Sun and will target applications such as retail where quality of light is a requirement.

Lighting's long and winding road to the IoT26/06/2017

Aurora has long been one of the industry's leading IoT champions, and could soon finally announce deployments. Its IoT boss discusses the business and technology challenges.

Spanish soccer team turns to LED lighting for better broadcast quality23/06/2017

Philips’ ArenaVision LED lighting will support ultrahigh-definition TV for Sevilla FC when the team opens the 2017–18 season.

Packaged LED news: Samsung, Lumileds, Bridgelux, Everlight21/06/2017

Samsung announces mid-power 3030 packaged LED hits 220-lm/W efficacy level while Lumileds expands its Level 2 strategy, and Everlight and Bridgelux begin IP squabble.

Johnstone journeys to the past to frame the LED lighting future20/06/2017

In journalist Bob Johnstone’s latest book, L.E.D.: A History of the Future of Lighting, he chronicles the origins of the light-emitting diode, its evolution, and the applications it promises to enable.

Companies big and small are planting future seeds with horticultural lighting15/06/2017

A recent Google alert touted the latest horticultural lighting project involving Philips Lighting as being the largest in the world. But you don’t need to be a colossus to reap the rewards of well-designed horticultural SSL.

LED-based horticultural lighting system brings vertical farming to biomass crops14/06/2017

Smart Grow Systems launches SSL family for vertical-farming applications ranging from cannabis to hops to orchids that have typically been grown in single layers.

Antwerp Havenhuis brings nautical sparkle with Tridonic and Multiline LED-based architectural lighting products13/06/2017

Tridonic supplied linear LED-based light engines that Multiline integrated in custom luminaires that fit the unique and irregular architecture of the dramatic new Havenhuis Port Authority building in Antwerp.

Can we push the limits of lighting for health and wellbeing to improve lives?13/06/2017

It’s the drive to understand the influence of light on our bodies and minds and how to apply this knowledge that sparked the conference on Lighting for Health and Wellbeing to be held this July.

Feilo Sylvania rolls out LED lighting financing scheme to help buildings meet stricter energy directives08/06/2017

Customers in Europe, Latin America and Middle East could be eligible even on small projects where money can be difficult to land.

European installers avoiding wireless lighting controls07/06/2017

While the US makes strides, concerns linger in EMEA over interoperability and battery life, an Osram business developer says.

LED business news: Osram buys LED Engin; Nitride sues RayVio; and Future allies with ERP06/06/2017

Osram will acquire San Jose-based LED Engin while Nitride Semiconductor has sued RayVio, and ERP Power signed a global distribution agreement with Future Lighting Solutions.

Fagerhult decides to keep Organic Response IoT tech in house (UPDATED)06/06/2017

The Swedish vendor will no longer provide the prized IoT gear to rivals such as Feilo Sylvania and GE. It will develop it for its own brands only.

Osram IR LED will enable augmented and virtual reality headsets05/06/2017

Emitting in the infrared spectrum at 850 nm, the new Osram Opto Semiconductors SFH 4055 LED targets eye-tracking applications including headsets for augmented and virtual reality systems.

Horticultural lighting gets heated05/06/2017

The potential for LED-based horticultural lighting to make an impact on growing operations is exciting and represents a real commercial opportunity. But Lux applications editor John Bullock observed that the SSL conversation can get prickly at times.

The funding of urban smart lighting could hinge on 5G02/06/2017

The boss of Holland's Luminext believes that the next-generation cellular technology will give a much needed boost to the outdoor IoT business case, and will attract investors.

Add your brilliance to the discussion at Strategies in Light02/06/2017

We’re nearly two weeks from the close of the Strategies in Light call for abstracts, so I wanted to consider the intent behind the conference program and how it reflects what we cover at LEDs Magazine.

Tunable white lighting: It must be digital (MAGAZINE)02/06/2017

Forward-thinking control system providers have the opportunity to drive progress, push the technology envelope, and set the standard for digital controls that help create dynamic, personalized environments in any space, explains Lutron's Craig Casey.

Blue-free white light breaks the paradigm of circadian lighting (MAGAZINE)02/06/2017

Non-visual receptors in humans are especially sensitive to blue spectral energy, explains Aurelien David, and the latest LED technology enables high-quality white light with reduced blue content that can enhance circadian health.

Why IP networks for SSL are the end game02/06/2017

Living in a connected world is a marvel, explains karl Jonsson, but the LED lighting sector will need to evolve to IP-based networks that extend to the end node for smart lighting to reach its potential.

How LEDs are eliminating mistakes when deisgned into human-centric lighting for the operating room02/06/2017

Light, liver, and the pursuit of happiness: Surgeons in Scandinavia swear that Chromaviso's tunable color system helps them see better, improves results, and sends everyone home in a better frame of mind, as Mark Halper discovers.

LED market outlook presented at Strategies in Light brightens with new SSL applications emerging02/06/2017

Maury Wright reports on Strategies in Light presentations including the latest LED and SSL market data, and new applications and opportunities, as well as challenges, for participants in the LED sector.

LED lighting test standards must evolve to ensure accurate LED system life estimates02/06/2017

Research studies focused on LED system reliability at Rensselaer's Lighting Research Center reveal that some LED products available on the commercial market can fail much sooner in some applications than manufacturers' specifications would suggest to buyers.

Work continues on three LED lighting standards02/06/2017

Jianzhong Jiao details activity in IEC, IES groups, and the Lighting Research Center ASSIST alliance in defining LED lamp and luminaire testing standards that can enable fair comparisons by lighting designers, specifiers, and end users.

Outdoor lighting debate will continue with regard to LED street ight CCT, but it is misguided02/06/2017

Maury Wright deliberates over the continued debate surrounding LED street light CCT and outdoor lighting guidance that has been offered by multiple parties.

Buyers benefit from LED horticultural lighting guidance02/06/2017

With LED-based horticultural lighting on the rise, specifiers and end users need education to select the optimal fixtures for projects. Ryan Mitchell and Charlie Szoradi deliver a guide to navigating spec sheets and performance calculations for best results.

As lighting companies move to IoT services, everything in the business model must change01/06/2017

It's time for an overhaul, from sales and marketing to internal systems to end user relations, an Osram specialist says.

Mobilized LED-based horticultural lighting system grows grass on Bundesliga soccer pitch31/05/2017

Rhenac GreenTec designed a large-scale wheeled lighting structure using LEDs and LEDiL optics that is utilized to optimize the grass conditions on training and match soccer pitches for the FC Köln (FC Cologne) football club of the German Bundesliga.

EnOcean and Silvair partner on controls for Bluetooth-connected LED lighting (UPDATED)30/05/2017

EnOcean is launching wireless switches based on kinetic energy harvesting that will work with emerging Bluetooth Mesh networks and is partnering with Silvair for a low-power network implementation.

Finnish 5G IoT lighting trial aims at property management30/05/2017

Helvar is one of several contributors in a real estate pilot that also includes virtual reality, augmented reality, big data, and more.

Horticultural Lighting Conference Europe plays to a full house in Eindhoven25/05/2017

The second Horticultural Lighting Conference took place earlier this week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands presented by the PennWell LED & Lighting Network of which LEDs Magazine is a part.

Forget coffee. Blue LED light will stimulate drivers in unique human-centric lighting application24/05/2017

Human-centric lighting will speed ahead at a grueling 24-hour race in Germany this week, where drivers will don special Osram eyeglasses.

Helvar adds software for human-centric lighting23/05/2017

Its new Light over Time for touch panels can alter color temperatures and brightness to suit different people and activities.

Lumileds adds lighting exec, announces mid-power and COB LEDs23/05/2017

Steve Barlow returns to Lumileds after stints with Cree and Intematix, while Lumileds has launched new mid-power and chip-on-board LEDs and company SSL fellow George Craford receives IEEE Edison Medal.

Cree CEO Swoboda plans to step down, company reaffirms Q4 guidance22/05/2017

Chuck Swoboda has guided LED and SSL manufacturer Cree for 16 years but plans to leave his position following a just-begun search for a replacement; meanwhile, the company reaffirmed its financial projections for Q4 of its fiscal year.

Philips adds ambient spotlight-style LED lamps for hospitality and residential markets18/05/2017

The new series of LED lamps nearly equals halogens in dimming and color rendering, the company says.

Horticultural Lighting Conference Europe will highlight LED light recipes for max yield16/05/2017

At the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, growers from across Europe will gather along with lighting manufacturers and other elements of the SSL supply chain on May 23 for the Horticultural Lighting Conference Europe.

Sapphire Awards winner Alexander Wilm discusses LED evolution for SSL applications16/05/2017

Maury Wright interviews Alexander Wilm of Osram Opto Semiconductors about Wilm being named the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards Illumineer of the Year for his work on improving the color consistency in LEDs for general lighting applications, and work in other exciting SSL areas.

Osram buys stake in grow box startup that incorporates LED horticultural lighting16/05/2017

Munich-based agrilution's plantCube fits neatly in a kitchen for reach-in herbs and vegetables.

Tunable lighting technology takes LightFair center stage for various human-centric lighting applications15/05/2017

SSL applications ranging from healthcare to educational to office settings can leverage tunable LED technology for impacts including increased worker productivity and enhanced wellbeing.

New group pushes standards for IoT luminaires and smart lighting11/05/2017

The IoT-Ready Alliance warns that smart lighting could become obsolete without a common method for keeping sensors up to date.

Aurora will commercialize data from smart lighting by early next year10/05/2017

The LED lighting specialist reveals more about its forthcoming AXiO line of IoT luminaires and services.

Lighting industry exhibits make leaps into smart era at LightFair (UPDATED)08/05/2017

LightFair exhibitors bring innovations in architectural and commercial lighting to Philadelphia.

Acuity Brands licenses disinfection SSL technology from Vital Vio08/05/2017

The VioSafe White Light Disinfection technology uses violet light mixed with white light to enable continuous disinfection of spaces ranging from hospital rooms to athletic locker rooms.

When will the Paris Metro finally get its Li-Fi?04/05/2017

An ambitious project to deliver the Internet via LED light is proceeding slowly.

LED business news: Rambus light guides, Legrand and Finelite, Seoul financials04/05/2017

New planar light guides from Rambus will enable more LED luminaire makers to deliver planar fixtures, while Legrand is acquiring Finelite and Seoul Semiconductor released upbeat financial results.

DOE research indicates that LED street lights may decrease sky glow relative to HID (UPDATED)04/05/2017

A new US Department of Energy research project has studied the impact of LED street-light conversions from legacy sources such as high-pressure sodium across the US, and computer models show a net reduction in sky glow for both near and far observers.

Advanced Technology SLIDESHOW03/05/2017
Interactive Hands-On Workshops at Strategies in Light and The LED Show 201603/05/2017
LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards finalists bring smart technologies to the table - SLIDESHOW03/05/2017
Zumtobel lighting-as-service deal guarantees light levels and energy savings even without IoT28/04/2017

An Austrian plastics factory spent nothing upfront in five-year contract. No IoT here, but Zumtobel’s new services group has big plans.

LED business and tech news: Cree and San’an, Osram Opto, Vishay26/04/2017

Cree and San’an Optoelectronics will form a joint venture to produce mid-power LEDs for general illumination applications, while Osram begins shipping advanced auto-targeted LEDs and Vishay has new amber, red, and yellow components.

Philips launches wireless smart lighting rather than PoE to reach the masses25/04/2017

With wired Ethernet opportunities limited, the lighting giant is now embedding ZigBee in lights and luminaires, and selling it as a service.

Osram launches Simplux LED-centric smart lighting platform25/04/2017

Designed for small- to mid-size commercial spaces with 100 network nodes maximum, Osram’s Simplux is intended to be an easy-to-install and -commission smart lighting system that can scale to full IoT applications.

Philips leaves personalization out of latest indoor positioning job (UPDATED)24/04/2017

In a nod to privacy, European electronics retail giant Media Markt provides navigation only at its huge four-story shop in Eindhoven. Meanwhile, the VLC versus Bluetooth debate continues.

The SSL industry needs better LED measurements24/04/2017

Achieving advances in SSL technology will require the industry to no longer tolerate a 4% uncertainty in performance measurements, says Jeff Hulett of Vektrex.

Understand luminous and radiant intensity, and uniformity characterization for SSL performance measurement24/04/2017

In this excerpt from a reference book entitled Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology, Gunther Leschhorn and Richard Young explain the fundamentals behind luminous and radiant intensity measurements and how to characterize uniformity and glare.

Understand a new flicker metric and its application to AC-LED light engines (MAGAZINE)24/04/2017

Peter Erwin and Peter Shackle describe a new metric for characterizing the flicker of light sources and illustrate how some popular sources, including AC-LED light engines, perform based on that metric.

Network security can be achieved in commercial smart lighting systems (MAGAZINE)24/04/2017

While some are questioning the feasibility of securing the Internet of Things, Rafal and Simon Rzadkosz write that focusing on the right tactics and protocols can deliver secure smart lighting.

Sapphire Awards scores reflect smart SSL developments (MAGAZINE)24/04/2017

The post-Gala glow continues with the publication of the products and technologies that scored 3.25 Sapphires and above, Carrie Meadows reports.

Understand energy efficiency of LED horticultural lighting systems (MAGAZINE)19/04/2017

The true efficacy of LED fixtures for horticultural lighting depends on many factors, explains Josh Gerovac, and lighting manufacturers and growers need to take a broad view to ensure optimal yields and energy efficiency.

Soaring new symphony hall orchestrates soft architectural lighting with LEDs19/04/2017

Hamburg's glorious Elbphilharmonie has been over a decade in the making. Forward-thinking architects prescribed solid-state lighting from the start, even before the technology was ready for ambience. A thousand handblown glass balls from the Czech Republic made the difference, Mark Halper discovers.

Tridonic CEO discusses US entry and smart lighting transition (MAGAZINE)19/04/2017

Maury Wright discusses the entry by Tridonic into the North American market and the transition to smart lighting and the Internet of Things with CEO Guido van Tartwijk.

Lighting Research Center scientists continue the conversation on SSL regulations19/04/2017

The issue of color fidelity and CRI as a metric has sparked some controversy in the solid-state lighting (SSL) community. Mark Rea and Jean Paul Freyssinier comment on recent debate.

Smart cameras will help Spokane smart lighting illuminate its roads even more intelligently19/04/2017

Controls company Echelon Corp.'s new “cognitive vision” system takes a maiden voyage in the Washington trial.

Strategies in Light and Anaheim yield interesting experiences (MAGAZINE)19/04/2017

I'd like to share some highlights from the week at Strategies in Light and an interesting experience I had on Convention Way leading to the Anaheim Convention Center.

Cree announces new NX packaged LED platform, adds to the RSW street light portfolio19/04/2017

The NX-branded LEDs deliver 264 lm/mm2, setting what Cree says is a new lumen density milestone, while the lighting business at Cree has added models of the light-guide-based RSW area-lighting luminaires.

LED business news: Seoul Semiconductor, Philips Lighting, Tridonic, and more17/04/2017

Seoul Semiconductor has sued distributor Mouser Electronics, Philips Lighting has sued Deco Lighting, and Tridonic targets smartphone sales in Germany.

GE alters smart street lighting strategy, will now serve as subcontractor to AT&T for smart city technology13/04/2017

Following the Jacksonville flop, GE's Current division teams with the communications giant in Atlanta, starting a new tack.

LightingEurope changes leadership, assumes SSL-erate mantle11/04/2017

Ourania Georgoutsakou has taken over the LightingEurope secretary general position from Diederik de Stoppelaar. Meanwhile, the organization has pledged to continue to make available the work of the SSL-erate program as the three-year initiative ends.

Acuity pads its indoor-positioning services push with shopping cart trackers11/04/2017

The latest addition to its IPS stable uses Bluetooth rather than visible light communication.

As reports surface again that GE Lighting is for sale, could Feilo Sylvania buy? (UPDATED)10/04/2017

LEDs Magazine contributing editor Mark Halper connects the dots and concludes that Chinese-owned, London-based Feilo could step in as a new owner, via Hungary. Halper explains the details on our blog.

Fagerhult will start Organic Response production soon with contractor Flex, uncertain about supplying rivals05/04/2017

Fagerhult will provide its own companies with its newly acquired IoT technology but competitors like Feilo and GE have only short term assurances.

DOE publishes industrial LED snapshot, adds reports on PoE and street lights05/04/2017

More than 20% of SSL luminaires for the industrial market exceed 130 lm/W in efficacy according to the US Department of Energy and separately the agency said self-metering products are increasingly viable for LED lighting.

Cree royal blue LED delivers 81% wall plug efficiency (UPDATED)05/04/2017

The XP-G3 LED is optimized for horticultural SSL applications and can also be used in façade and entertainment lighting that utilizes RGB or more LED channels.

Fagerhult buys IoT lighting specialist Organic Response04/04/2017

The Swedish lighting firm already uses Organic's sensors in its luminaires, and is now picking up intellectual property and key assets from the financially wounded Australian pioneer.

IKEA enters the smart lighting fray29/03/2017

Its limited feature line — no colors, for instance — will include a basic entry model that won't do much but that consumers just might find affordable.

Intense shows LED downlight with liquid-crystal lens at LEDucation29/03/2017

Liquid-crystal lens technology enables SSL product to adapt the beam spread dynamically under the control of smartphones or other devices.

The LED street lights on this North Sea island are for the birds27/03/2017

White light can discombobulate migratory species, so Philips is installing blue-green, with funding from oil and gas companies. Is the new color good for people?

OLED technology delivers three decades of display innovation24/03/2017

Since 1987, OLED technology has been brought into the spotlight for its ability to enable high-performance image quality, thanks to its inherent extremely high contrast.

Philips adds Gooee, Silvair as smart lighting partners24/03/2017

The lighting giant expands its OEM list by four companies and leaves open the possibility that it will use the products in its own branded smart lighting line.

LED horticultural lighting is set to change growing operations by increasing yields24/03/2017
Windsor restaurant applies filament LED lamps in architectural lighting design22/03/2017

The new Oxford Blue gastropub in Berkshire, UK has a chef that trained under Gordon Ramsay and architectural lighting design enabled by vintage-look filament lamps.

Plessey LEDs support vegetable and flower horticultural lighting applications (UPDATED)21/03/2017

Four Dutch growers have deployed horticultural SSL products powered by Plessey to grow tomatoes, and a variety of flowering plants in four trials slated to run through summer.

EXCLUSIVE: Jacksonville jilts GE smart lighting for city streets21/03/2017

The city withdraws after a pilot IoT deployment because it “had other priorities.” Meanwhile, GE's San Diego trial advances to a commercial stage.

Could an energy utility rescue IoT company Organic Response?20/03/2017

Earlier investors include Exelon and E.ON. They or another electric company might assure more independence for the IoT technology provider than a lighting company could.

IoT lighting specialist Organic Response enters financial protection (UPDATED)17/03/2017

Innovation is risky business. Could one of the IoT company’s OEM lighting partners rescue it?

Smart street lights don't use their own brains to adjust to the weather but leverage IBM Watson for IoT17/03/2017

The new tunable-white Echelon lamps in Minnesota have no onboard sensors detecting rain or snow. Rather, they take their cue from IBM's Watson IoT group, drawing on IBM's The Weather Company.

Human-centric lighting reduces drug reliance at Danish psychiatric hospital15/03/2017

Doctors, nurses, therapists report a calming effect from the Chromaviso circadian lighting system.

Eaton delivers curved surface-emissive LED luminaires, new pendant scheme15/03/2017

Taking the edge-lit planar SSL concept to a new level, Eaton has developed sleek luminaires with compelling curves and free-form geometries for architectural lighting applications, and a new pendant suspension scheme that hides the driver remotely.

Aurora draws closer to IoT luminaires, previewing AXiO and talking up services14/03/2017

The lighting company reveals that it will sell the forthcoming Gooee-enabled line both as a product and on a subscription basis.

Smart Lighting13/03/2017
Sapphire Awards entrants and winners map LED and SSL revolution (MAGAZINE)09/03/2017

Our third annual Sapphire Awards Gala took place on Mar. 1 at the City National Grove of Anaheim and a good time was had by all.


Use building information modeling (BIM) to increase lighting planning and design success (MAGAZINE)09/03/2017

DIALux product manager Daniel Witzel defines BIM, the opportunities it offers for lighting designers, and its impact on lighting design.


Ensure your light measurement method doesn't undervalue your LEDs (MAGAZINE)09/03/2017

Jeff Hulett details the LED measurement techniques defined in current industry standards, describes issues that can lead to inaccuracy, and prescribes an approach to ensure that the actual performance of high-power devices is accurately captured.


Packaged LED advancements in SPD and efficacy enable new usage scenarios (MAGAZINE)09/03/2017

In this roundup of some of the most exciting packaged LED announcements made in roughly the past year, Maury Wright describes emerging technical features and architectural advancements and explore the myriad of emerging applications for SSL. 

Transform legacy LED lighting control to enable seamless end-to-end smart lighting (MAGAZINE)09/03/2017

An evolution from connected lighting to smart lighting to human-centric lighting is underway, writes Kyeongik Min, and the industry will require open platforms for commercial success.

European lighting regulations could help usher in human-centric lighting (MAGAZINE)09/03/2017

European regulators may have a play in delivering the Holy Grail of lighting for health and wellbeing. A simple directive or two mandating Internet connections may be all that it takes for now. Mark Halper looks at the industry's 2017 EU regulatory priorities.


IoT drives an expanded ecosystem in the lighting value chain (MAGAZINE)09/03/2017

With the advance of IoT and connected lighting, Beatrice Witzgall notes key areas of expertise that must be brought to bear in product development and projects, including a look at the changing supply chain.


PoE bridges connectivity, control, and cost benefits of smart lighting (MAGAZINE)09/03/2017

Mark Roush of Experience Light hammered home the true meaning of smart lighting powered by intelligence-gathering connected systems during an LEDs Magazine webcast. Maury Wright continues the discussion as to how Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology pushes LED-based smart lighting potential even further.

Industry stars beam with Sapphire Awards honors – IMAGE GALLERY08/03/2017
LightingEurope and IALD issue position paper on human-centric lighting (UPDATED)08/03/2017

Seeking both to ensure a unified understanding of the meaning of human-centric lighting or HCL and guide deployment, LightingEurope and the International Association of Lighting Designers have defined expected benefits, typical enabling technologies, and potential applications.

Two more indoor positioning projects sprout in European supermarkets08/03/2017

Data on tap but it's a tale of two technologies. Germany's EDEKA goes for Philips' VLC while France's E.Leclerc taps Bluetooth from Zumtobel. Meanwhile, Philips spills the beans on its emerging fondness for Bluetooth. Wither VLC?

DOE Gateway report documents LED lighting performance in four indoor applications07/03/2017

Installations of SSL luminaires, lamps, and retrofit kits completed over the course of 2012–2015 have been studied by the DOE, revealing details on reliability, lumen maintenance, chromaticity shift, and other operational parameters.

Lynk Labs, Acuity Brands, and Schneider Electric resolve legal action surrounding LED patents07/03/2017

After two years of litigation, Lynk Labs’ patent action focused on a Juno Lighting business deal has been settled with Acuity Brands and Schneider, the current and prior parents of Juno.

Sapphire Awards Image Gallery: Industry stars beam with Sapphire Awards honors06/03/2017

The third annual Sapphire Awards Gala bestowed honors upon beacons of innovation in the solid-state lighting (SSL) industry on Mar. 1, 2017 in Anaheim.

Basil grower slashes energy usage and boosts production with LED horticultural lighting06/03/2017

Servizi Ambientali Bassa Reggiana in the Reggio province of Italy has reduced its basil production cycle by five days after transitioning from HPS lighting in its greenhouses to an SSL fixture that utilizes a mix of blue, red, hyper-red, and far-red LEDs from Osram.

Osram completes LEDvance sale to Chinese consortium for €500 million (UPDATED)03/03/2017

The Munich giant takes another big step out of the rough-and-tumble bulb business. Meanwhile, new co-owner MLS is expected to provide LEDvance with better chip pricing.

Osram wedges into indoor positioning by selling Bluetooth chips02/03/2017

Swiss fashion shops install the company's wireless radio beacons, but not its lights. Is this how the lighting industry can finally crack the location-based services market?

WINNERS: Sapphire Awards Gala spotlights evolving SSL trends - WITH VIDEO02/03/2017

The third annual LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award winners exemplify evolution in lighting applications and technology, along with the emergence of value-added features, writes Carrie Meadows.

Seoul Semiconductor starts mass production of its patented filament LEDs27/02/2017
Philips taps Microsoft as part of indoor-positioning partnering push, adds Bluetooth to the mix27/02/2017

With location-based services still stuck on the launchpad, the company's new “Location Lab” reaches out to data and app developers. Meanwhile, Philips finally acknowledges that Bluetooth, not just VLC, can light the way.

Thomas Research Products introduces new SelectSync LED drivers to be exhibited at Strategies in Light27/02/2017
The resolution of converging lines of interest – The LED Story27/02/2017

The lighting industry had been static or at least in flux in past years. The advent of solid-state lighting (SSL) was, in fact, a panacea for the Illumination world.

EnOcean exhibiting self-powered wireless LED control at Strategies in Light24/02/2017
Fulham CEO to share insights on the LED market at Strategies in Light Investor Forum24/02/2017
LED component manufacturer Opulent Americas acquires LED solutions provider New Energy, LLC24/02/2017
DesignLab selects non-metallic enclosures to meet the need for underground lighting control panels24/02/2017
USA Lighting's OV Series outdoor LED luminaires featured at Manhattan Skyline Overlook23/02/2017
TALQ Consortium elects new Secretary General23/02/2017
Instrument Systems publishes technical handbook on LED and SSL metrology23/02/2017
Samsung expands COB LED family, targets directional applications22/02/2017

Generation-2 D-Series LEDs hit efficacy of 160 lm/W and include a variety of options in color performance and CCT including Samsung’s Vivid technology.

LSI Industries acquires Atlas Lighting Products in LED lighting deal22/02/2017

Complementary products lines will remain independent after the LSI Industries acquisition of Atlas Lighting, but the companies expect to capitalize on cross-selling opportunities.

SolarOne buys Inovus in solar-power-focused LED business deal22/02/2017

Complementary product lines will enable the combined SolarOne and Inovus Solar operation to grow its global footprint and serve a broadening set of solar-powered LED lighting projects.

Cree cancels Wolfspeed LED business deal with Infineon based on US government concerns22/02/2017

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States concerns over Wolfspeed sale will result in Cree once again driving the silicon-carbide-centric, RF- and power-semiconductor business forward.

LSI Industries appoints new lighting VP of engineering Chris Papa22/02/2017
Revolution Lighting Technologies awarded $4M as part of recent public education LED retrofit projects22/02/2017
Visual Lighting Technologies to relocate LED lighting manufacturing operations to Texas22/02/2017
Researchers from LESA and UNM receive US Patent for new growth process for large-area cubic GaN LED materials21/02/2017
Retrolux and RemPhos Technologies announce software partnership to integrate LED lighting for retrofit planning21/02/2017
LEDiL unveils new LED optics portfolio, adds Florence, Carmen, and Strada products21/02/2017

SSL product developers can now buy optics designed for stringent IP requirements from LEDiL, while the company also has a new hybrid lens/reflector optic, and more options for outdoor area lighting.

Instrument Systems presents new UV measurement technology at SIL USA 201721/02/2017
SIL STRIKING POINT: Cybersecurity enables the next wave of innovation for smart lighting20/02/2017

As more businesses begin to dive into the Internet of Things, the lighting industry must tend to cybersecurity issues in order to exploit the full market potential of smart lighting, says Paul Jauregui.

Will all lighting become connected lighting?17/02/2017

Strategies in Light conference co-chair and Strategies Unlimited research director Philip Smallwood unveils the drivers and trends that led to creating a conference track on the value of connected lighting and IoT.

Optimize 0-10V dimming controls for efficient and cost-effective LED luminaires (MAGAZINE)17/02/2017

Solid-state lighting is beginning to deliver on long-promised energy savings, explains Ali Fawaz, but to broaden adoption developers need to continue to drive cost out of the control circuitry while features such as dimming must still be supported.

ESCO model makes sense in retrofitting SSL for smart building services (MAGAZINE)17/02/2017

Leveraging the expertise of an energy service company can help building operators move their facilities into an intelligent future with reasonable expense management, writes Lionel Barden.

Strategies in Light and The LED Show build upon trending SSL topics (MAGAZINE)17/02/2017

In Anaheim this year, the Strategies in Light conference program will deliver powerful presentations that prove the lighting industry is motivated to innovate beyond general illumination. Carrie Meadows outlines the vision of the conference chairs and shares additional highlights from speakers.

Implement overvoltage protection for safe operation of LED street lighting (MAGAZINE)17/02/2017

Outdoor SSL products operate in a decidedly harsh environment with frequent overvoltage spikes, explains Piotr Dudek, yet he provides a framework for driver specification that can allow reliable operation even in areas with frequent lightning strikes.

Keynotes cover smart lighting, business models, and LED technology at SIL Europe (MAGAZINE)17/02/2017

The opening keynote session at Strategies in Light Europe featured three strikingly different topics, reports Maury Wright, with the first focused on the smart lighting revolution, the second discussing financing the LED revolution in general, and the third looking at the state of the LED component sector with a keen eye toward the general-lighting application.

Experts at LuxLive's IoT Arena outline survival beyond bulb sales (MAGAZINE)17/02/2017

The future might have more to do with data than illumination, according to presenters on the London stage hosted by Mark Halper, who reports on compelling smart lighting presentations at LuxLive.

Understand BACnet communications for control and monitoring of networked smart lighting17/02/2017

Scott Ziegenfus explains the basics of BACnet communications, the latest update to the building automation standard, and how the platform can work with networked LED-based lighting.

SAE adds new standards for LED-based automotive lighting (MAGAZINE)17/02/2017

LEDs continue to make functional and styling impact in automotive lighting, and Jianzhong Jiao details the steps being taken by standards organizations to ensure safety, reliability, and end-customer satisfaction.

Seoul Semiconductor taps Mark McClear to lead North American LED business (MAGAZINE)17/02/2017

Maury Wright discusses the packaged LED business and the operations of Seoul Semiconductor with newly appointed North American Seoul vice president Mark McClear.

Lighting regulations for efficiency should balance color fidelity with luminous efficacy17/02/2017

Researchers from several organizations argue that CRI is the proper metric for use today as a complement to efficacy in SSL regulatory policy.

Philips Lighting to deliver ‘fans-first’ LED sports lighting for unrivaled spectator experience at new multi-purpose Perth Stadium17/02/2017
Broadening solid-state lighting application space brings excitement to the LED sector17/02/2017

Looking over the galleys for this issue really made me stop and think about how much the LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) sectors have evolved in a relatively short period of time.

Lighting Industry Association trainers recognized by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning17/02/2017
Hitechled 60W smart LED solar street lights illuminate hospital in Costa Rica16/02/2017
Acuity Brands signs on for horticultural LED lighting research project with LESA at Rensselaer16/02/2017
Fulham's advanced outdoor LED drivers integrate with IoT management for smart city lighting15/02/2017
Energy Source completes LED retrofit for Axcelis Technologies15/02/2017
Seniorled adds LED high bay UFO to its lighting product line14/02/2017
LED lamps light unique nature sculpture in London restaurant13/02/2017

Light Projects LED fixtures using Soraa lamps, coupled with optical accessories, bring life to a leaf sculpture designed for the Aqua Shard restaurant.

Penn Elcom makes waves with LED lighting installation aboard MS Braemar cruise ship13/02/2017
Electrolube to launch new thermal phase change materials for LED applications at Strategies in Light13/02/2017
Keystone Technologies introduces Class P Driver program for LED lighting10/02/2017
Colour Sound Experiment provides LED entertainment lighting and video for musician Richard Ashcroft10/02/2017
Chauvet LED entertainment lighting creates a new day in 'Hair'10/02/2017
Francois Haguette joins lighting brand Artemide as national sales director10/02/2017
Lutron’s Quantum and Vive lighting control systems now DLC Qualified09/02/2017
Karl Chevrolet reduces energy use 74% with Hubbell LED lighting and controls09/02/2017
Philips acquires French Li-Fi company08/02/2017

The Dutch lighting giant quietly picked up Luciom late last year, and has already moved it to Eindhoven.

Find emergency ballast solutions for LED tube lamps using Iota's online database08/02/2017
Casambi teams up with EnOcean to ensure their technologies operate seamlessly for smart lighting08/02/2017
ADI installs new outdoor LED screen at Southside Wandsworth for retail advertising08/02/2017
LED business news: Osram, Maneri-Agraz, Legrand, Nichia, and Everlight07/02/2017

Osram Lighting Solutions will be the new business home for Texas lighting services specialist Maneri-Agraz Enterprises, while Legrand acquires a luminaire maker and Nichia announces further patent-infringement actions.

PixelFlex creates a captivating trade show experience for Novartis with LED video displays07/02/2017
Youfresh restaurant in Berlin is tastefully illuminated by ERCO LED lighting07/02/2017
LED lighting provider Espen Technology names Doug Lane as regional VP, East07/02/2017
Echelon announces tunable-white outdoor LED lighting trial06/02/2017

White Bear Lake in Minnesota now boasts a white-point-tunable solid-state lighting installation in its central Railroad Park based on Echelon Lumewave technology.

S+H fills in a few blanks with LED Starcloth entertainment lighting solution06/02/2017
LOYTEC receives Lux Award for DALI-controlled LED lighting at Manchester Airport06/02/2017
Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre out, Mark Adams in as CEO at Lumileds02/02/2017

Former Micron Technology executive Mark Adams will take the helm of the new Lumileds LED manufacturing business that was just recently announced as an acquisition by Apollo Global Management.

Cisco stokes PoE lighting push with dedicated Ethernet switch, signs up Marriott (UPDATED)01/02/2017

The IT company’s Digital Building Ethernet box will support lighting, heating, security, and other building operations without the electricity losses associated with some PoE schemes.

Adura launches LED light engines optimized for horticultural lighting fixtures01/02/2017

Cree LEDs, including some of the Photo Red horticultural LEDs, are combined with LEDiL optics and Adura SinkPad technology in the 1966-GLA and 1950-GLA horticultural LED light engines.

NJZ Lighting launches Galaxy 130-lm/W LED area light with smart sensor controls01/02/2017
LEC Lyon lights Annecy’s Lovers’ Bridge with networked LED lighting system01/02/2017

Controlled SSL system bathes the Pont des Amours bridges in dramatic light while lovers that visit the bridge will find the effects subtle with bridge surface lighting hidden in railings.

MOSO introduces a full range of programmable LED drivers with high reliability01/02/2017
Istar’s 4-in-1 programmable LED driver is controlled via Android mobile app01/02/2017
Dow Corning adds reflective silicones for CSP and COB LEDs31/01/2017

Reflective silicones with unique capabilities in terms of how they are dispensed, optical properties, and resilience to temperature or stress deliver benefits specifically for burgeoning CSP and COB LED packages.

Lighting brand Artemide welcomes Joseph Belfer to New York sales team31/01/2017
Revolution Lighting Technologies completes approximately $25M of small business lighting projects in 201631/01/2017
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2017 continues with THINKLIGHT: The convergent future31/01/2017